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Andre Ferrella graduated as a Medical Illustrator from the University of Toledo/Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He discovered an organic photographic process called "The Living Pictures", also know as "The Mold Picture Process", that bridged the gap between micro and macro space. He has been nationally and internationally collected and exhibited at renowned institutions.

Known as "The Artist of The Spirit" who devotes his life to bring Divine information from the other side of the veil. During a reading from Lee Carroll, KRYON described Andre as "The Evolutionary Artist, a Master of Light". Andre brings the gift of accessing the other side of the veil via interdimensional devices he has created.


Andre brings to his art a lifetime of spiritual study and exploration of the world's sacred traditions and iconography.  With his indisputable technical virtuosity, Ferrella is able to reveal higher orders of reality and the interconnectedness of existence that has been described by ageless enlightened teachers and mystics. Ferrella communicates these ineffable spiritual experiences and phenomena, at the same time that he enables our own explorations and awakenings.

Andre Ferrella taught Creative Fine Art, Photography and Visual Design at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

  Organizations who have Sponsored, Published, Collaborated or Collected the Art of Andre Ferrella  

  Andre Ferrella - Artist of the Spirit  

Elmhurst Art Museum Documentary

   Press Quotes   

  • "Andre is a Master of Light...he is an evolutionary artist" -Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll 2013

  • “Ferrella nears timelessness with least spectacular works” -Chicago Tribune, Alan Artner 2006

  • "Ferrella finds freedom in simplicity" -Chicago Tribune, Alan Artner 2003​

  • "... a triumph of technique...", "...a virtual river of abstract imagery..."-Chicago Tribune, Alan Artner 2002

  • "Andre Ferrella...'Living Pictures'...emulating the process of birth, maturation and decay"-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, James Auer 1999​

  • "Andre Ferrella is smartly and sensitively refining new techniques that reveal fresh ways of probing photography"-The Capital Times, Kevin Lynch 1999

  • "Andre Ferrella's animated film 'Blue Star' - evoking the visual wonder of water, light and atmosphere."The Capital Times, Kevin Lynch 1999

  • "Ferrella comes to confirm that every art and every culture worthy of the name are simultaneously from one place and are universal."-Supplement d'art, St. Etienne, France, Jacques 1998

  • "The work brings to mind the evocative documentary power of the 'Shroud of Turin'..Ferrella shows how well a good artist can enhance nature, and perhaps even unlock a mystery or two."-The Capital Times, Kevin Lynch, 1997

  • "The results are ethereally fascinating and beautiful."-Wisconsin State Journal, 1997

  • "The resulting prints are brightly colored, textured images that often resemble shots from the Hubble Space Telescope."-Madison Magazine, 1997

  • "By tapping into the new symbol structures offered to us by science and technology these photographs evoke the feeling of simultaneous macrocosmic and microcosmic perspectives."

  • "The Source for Discovery", Promega Corporation Catalogue, 1997

  • "With his discovery and development of the Living Picture Process Ferrella retraces and completes William Henry Fox Talbot's search for the 'pencil of nature' (London,1844), which sought to make photography the language of nature"-Hubert Beck, Freier Kurator Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany, 1996

  • "The origin of the story of Genesis is explained through the manifestation of the Living Pictures"

  • "We see...a fantastic impenetrable veil over reality."-Frankfurter Rundshau, Germany, 1996

  • "Because the accidental element is consciously involved the results include all technical Genres.-Frankfurter Neue Presse, Germany, 1996

  • "For Ferrella the works, the process, all represent his abiding interest in the interconnectedness of things".-Isthmus, 1995

  • "Andre Ferrella works on large scale color photographs with the aid of technical aberration drifting into the sphere of abstraction."-Berliner Morgenpost, Germany, 1995

  • " Ferrella's work, light and surface are used as metaphors to reveal a spiritual force that animates the universe...these images are used to express the process of revelation."-Photofocus, 1995

  • "Andre Ferrella's mural-sized color prints fuse photography with painting, drawing and etching to explore the intangible animating spirit of light and human expression."-Chicago Tribune, 1993

  • "Ferrella's work speaks to the process of discovery over any specific message or dogma...He is digging for truth."-Fra Noi Magazine, 1993

  • "...Ferrella's work is about tradition and individual talent, always a provocative thought."-Chicago Tribune, 1988

  • "...these self-portraits juxtapose a menagerie of synthetic and organic forms."-Madison Art Center, 1987

  • "...(Ferrella's works) deal with inner realities, a more powerful kind of tension."-Chicago Reader, 1986

  • "...adventurous, experimental, fascinating."-Toledo Blade, 1983

  • "...Ferrella is an impressive young artist who is developing new techniques to suit his new vision, the vision of a generation that grew up with space probes, electron microscopes, and subatomic physics. His works could well be predictions of the art of the future..."
    -Wisconsin State Journal, 1980

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