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Evolutionary Artist, Spiritual Engineer, Multimedia Architect, The Spirit Box Creator, Discoverer of The Living Picture, Interdimensional & Metaphysical Fine Art

Andre Ferrella has been a seeker inspired to use art as a means to express Beauty, Spirituality and the Divine.  On his life-path, Ferrella has sought, studied and embraced the inter-connectedness of the universe from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic with the Discovery of The Living Picture. 


​With each step on this path he has discovered more about how nature, the human spirit, and the Divine work together. His discoveries as translated through his art go beyond self-fulfillment to act as an opening for the journey of each individual who views his works.


Andre has been recognized by both the international arts and science communities as an innovator, discoverer, spiritual advocate and inventor.

"Art and Divinity with Andre Ferrella" - Interview by Get Yourself Optimized with Stephan Spencer

2021-Stephan Spencer Interview.png


"Visionary artist Andre Ferrella has created The MERKABAH-Spirit Box, a dynamic, mesmerizing visual adventure that can induce a profound meditative state. Ferrella’s artistry creates a virtual Stargate, transporting the viewer’s mind into higher realms of consciousness.


A Spirit Box experience offers a calming, refreshing and energizing respite from today’s high-stress world."


Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous

Evolution and The Honeymoon Effect

"...He is a Master of Light...

an Evolutionary Artist..."


KRYON/Lee Carroll, PhD.

“Andre Ferrella has combined genius and magic in the creation of his Spirit Box artistic works.  Living breathing presentations take form that can transport the viewer in new worlds of perception and being.


This may be the closest experience yet offered of a contact of intelligence and light from other dimensions.” 


Dr. Todd Ovokaitys​​​​

  The Spirit Box Experience  

to The Spirit Box Experience

An Interdimensional Interface and Oneness Experience

An open eyed, visual meditation enhancing Your Spiritual connection to Your Higher Self and Universal Oneness 

  The Discovery of The Living Picture  

to The Discovery

In 1994 Andre Ferrella discovered a unique organic photographic process.

This video assists in understanding how the systems of the universe are synchronistic and simultaneously interrelated via microcosmic and macrcosmic structures.

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