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The Dream Directors Story


In 2017 I went through a major life transformation resulting in a severe depression that inevitably led to my blessing. Sleeping twelve to fourteen hours a night, I would awake in the morning then sleep again on the sofa for an additional two to three hours. My being was non-existent and non-local as I was emotionally repairing, profoundly dreaming of astounding creations, inconceivable paintings and miraculous spiritual instruments all while astral traveling to where I have gone throughout my entire life, a place that I call "The Crystal Cities". Entering these grand luminous architectural structures, I witness beautiful heavenly entities and other worldly devices of which I have an opportunity to activate and analyze. This life transformation occurred for 2.25 years!


Attempting to alleviate my apathy, grasping onto my life, my friends, my family and colleagues, whom I am deeply grateful, I forced myself to contact a local gallery dealer and request if I could perform a “live” painting for gallery night. Every spring and fall the local galleries are open two nights a year for one night across the city. The gallery director said, “Sure”. I immediately created several digital paintings on my tablet and publicized them on Facebook….“Come and see me paint live at the gallery”. Live painting is nothing new for me. As I was painting, people were commenting “That is very nice”, “I see so much light, so luminous”, “The colors are incredible”, “Your work exudes so much joy.” “I thought to myself, are you kidding? I’m ready to annihilate myself.” These words of loving kindness resonated so deeply in my soul that it activated a motivation so significant as I began creating 544 new works of art that became the “Dream Directors”. All created within five weeks. That’s more than 100 a week. That's unheard of!

I eventually realized that “They” had to lower my physical and emotional vibration to such a deep trance state making it possible to communicate an astonishing level of hyper creativity resulting in Divine activation. Consequentially, the life change, being as depressive as it was, became my blessing. “They” facilitated and directed me so that I could bring forth this profound resonating information from an interdimensional plane into the earthly dimension.



So, what you are viewing here my friends are encoded instructional images translated interdimensionally. 

במאי חלום

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