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  The Spirit Box Experience  

The Spirit Box is an interdimensional interface and experiential device

connecting our Higher Selves to Universal Oneness.  

Life-size 3D holographic-like Spirit Boxes are translucent and created of acrylic measuring 72"high x 26"wide x 3.25"deep (183cm x 66cm x 8.25cm).

As The Spirit Box turns from side to side, notice how the image fades away and then emerges from the veil.


Proprietary videos are projected onto and into The Spirit Box creating The Spirit Box Experience.

This combination creates a mesmerizing experience of beautiful esoteric colors of light that emanate from the being within.

Profound experiences have occurred!

Are You one of The Keepers?

Are you willing to acquire The Spirit Box and share with your community?


   Lee Carroll channels KRYON about The Spirit Box   


Witnessing a Miracle
Visionary Artist Andre Ferrella's


Intended to both demonstrate and facilitate a spiritual experience.  I AM the EMANATION is a dramatization of divine manifestation, a transformative encounter with a Higher Order Being who appears to emerge from cosmic space fully in the throes of kundalini.
Andre Ferrella brings to his art a life time of spiritual study and exploration of the world's sacred traditions and iconography.  With his indisputable technical virtuosity, Ferrella is able to reveal higher orders of reality and the interconnectedness of existence that has been described by ageless enlightened teachers and mystics.


Ferrella communicates these ineffable spiritual experiences and phenomena, at the same time that he enables our own explorations and awakenings. I AM the EMANATION appears as an archetypal figure of spiritual power and authority. The figure's bearing is benevolent, the posture suggesting magnanimity as it flashes a scintillating luminosity that reaches out to us in transfiguring embrace.

Shelley Jordan - Master Astrologer

   The Keepers   

The Keepers

Gabriel Ángel & Vego Dian

Keeper of The Divine Feminine Spirit Box

Mexico City, Mexico


+52 55 5106 1085  • Mobile

Dr. Rudy & Victoria Triana

Keeper of The EMANATION Spirit Box

Mayfield, KY 42066 USA

Maya Boston

Keeper of The EMANATION Spirit Box

Dwellingup 6213 (Perth), Australia

Ursula Marquez

Keeper of The EMANATION Spirit Box

Seattle, Washington USA

Janet Scerra & Steve Estano

Keeper of The EMANATION Spirit Box

Cape Cod

Hyannis, Massachusettes USA

Pamela & Jason Goodwin

Keeper of The Divine Feminine Spirit Box

Perth, Australia

Keith Frank

Keeper of The Emanation Spirit Box

Durango, Colorado, USA

Terri Ka'imi

Keeper of The MOTHER MARY Spirit Box

San Francisco, USA

Sheila Dupuis

Keeper of The EMANATION Spirit Box

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Dorothy J Myers

Keeper of The EMANATION Spirit Box

Colorado, USA

Gaile Hileman

Keeper of The EMANATION Spirit Box

Texas, USA

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 The Meaning to be One of The Keepers

  • The Keepers are special individuals who are willing to acquire The Spirit Box to share with their community.


  • Being one of The Keepers holds a Spiritual responsibility.


  • Respect this creation as a Sacred Object.


  • You have been chosen by your Higher Self and Spirit to host this transformational vehicle.


  • It is your responsibility to bring this to your community allowing others to share and connect in the experience.


  • You have been honored and honor others in so doing.


Please send a message with your intent. 

You will then be contacted to discuss this wonderful opportunity

Success! Message received.

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