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  Spirit Guide Drawings  

With over 55 years of Spiritual connection and expertise in academic Master drawing, I developed a method to bring forth and presence your Spirit Guides, bridging and merging both sides of the Veil through a technique that I call "Transmergence".

Connecting to your Higher Self, I receive an "Energy Signature" that is translated into human-like form bringing your Spirit Guide to LIFE.  Using charcoal and paper, your Spirit Guide is revealed, named and delivers a benevolent message pertinent for you. The drawing also contains Ancient Angelic Scripts and Codes.

Once you book a session you will receive a ZOOM link via email to interact and watch LIVE.

Please be ready 5 minutes before the session and wait until I let you in.

The original drawing will be shipped to you!

Do you Believe you have Spirit Guides?


Have you ever wondered what they look like? What is their name and what messages they might have for you?

With more than 55 years of knowledge and experience in both academic master drawing and Spiritual connection, I developed a method to bring forth and presence your Spirit Guides that I call "Transmergence", bridging and merging both sides of the Veil!

Connecting to your Higher Self, I receive an "Energy Signature" that I translate into human-like form making it easier to identify and connect with your Spirit Guide.

Through charcoal and paper, I reveal one of your Spirit Guides, a message, their name and bring them to life.

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I would like to share my delightful experience of having my spirit guide drawn with Andre Ferrella.  I felt the connection with him immediately as we sat down to channel my guide.  So much information was being brought through Andre as he started my picture.  His immense focus on what was being told to him and him portraying that in my picture was evident.  He gave me a detailed explanation of what he was drawing and why.

When he named my picture Incarus I about fell over because I have heard that name before either in my dreams or my meditations.  I knew exactly how it was pronounced and felt the complete connection with my spirit guide.  Being able to have the picture afterwards and place it in my home is a daily reminder of a piece of who I am.  I often catch myself looking and connecting with Incarus knowing he is always here with me to work with.  As many of us can already speak and work with our guides it was a real treat to have the "human experience" of a visual perception to keep me moving forward in my connecting/awakening."



I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit with Andre and watch him portray such a beautiful spirit guide drawing for me. Little did I know, I was going to be connecting with my partner who had passed on a year prior. He gave off such a calming loving vibe and I knew I could trust him instantly. As I watched Andre channel my spirit guide, I knew almost instantly that it was my loved one coming through him, to speak to me. What a beautiful, healing moment I was able to share with Andre and my loved ones. The love, hope and closeness I felt to my passed on loved one was something I will never forget. As Andre said to me during this session, “Love is perpetual”, and in that moment, a weight lifted off my shoulders and I had felt more at peace than ever before. Andre is a beautiful guide of light and love and I will forever remember him and have my spirit guide drawing close to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Forever grateful, forever blessed.



My experience with Andre’s work was phenomenal. Andre is the most lovely human being I’ve connected with. His skills and intuition has me speechless. I went into the session not knowing what growth would come from it. I was so enlightened by the technique Andre has for the drawings. The intellectual intuition has many great growth factors that come from Andre and his work. I’ve been able to understand more about myself on a more advanced spiritual level. Thus, helping me grow into a better self. I’ve been truthfully inspired and moved by his work in a really positive direction. Andre also has me pull a one card from his deck of oracle cards. It was amazing to have the intention come from the drawing into the cards and pull the card “You are exactly where you need to be”. I am very appreciative for this journey and can not wait to learn more through his extraordinary work.

Thank you Andre!



My spirit guide session with Andre was nothing short of amazing. When I first saw the
sketch of my spirit guide Andre had done I was not so impressed. It was beautiful but I didn’t feel I resonated with it to any significant degree. However, as Andre and I
discussed the drawing something happened that really got my attention and I still think about to this day.
Andre stopped what he was saying and then he looked at me with a kind of odd expression as if he were maybe receiving a transmission from somewhere and then said something that gave me chills. It clearly seemed to be a message from someone or
something beyond the veil and it immediately hit home. It was only two words but this was something I absolutely resonated with and clearly understood. It immediately shook me out of a place in my head where I had been stuck
for a long time and inspired me to really tear into several creative projects I had been contemplating but not really doing anything about.
Thank you Andre for your wonderful Light, Love, innocence and gentleness and for delivering a message that I needed to hear and helped a great deal in moving me in the direction of creating a richer life with much less “thinking about” and much more action.
This has had a profound affect on all areas of my life resulting in more joy, fulfillment, peace of mind and self-expression.
I highly recommend you book a session with Andre. You’ll be glad you did!




I trusted in Andre and his passions completely and felt honored to have his insight and peaceful energy.


Writing a single name at the bottom of the drawing, SAMAHARA. The spirit guide who was with me then and wanted to relay the message of retaining childhood innocence to increase perception.

This message was so accurately expressed in the face stating things about me that were coming through to him in the drawing. All of this was truly life changing.

This was a healing session for me to see and accept wonderful parts of myself and my journey in life.


This special session gave me a wave of positive, encouraging energy and I felt very supported and connected to my higher self. To have this insight is so empowering and I feel honored to have shared that time and experience. Thank you Andre!

“I love my drawing! Not only is it an attractive addition to my art collection; it serves as a reminder to me of my life’s purpose. My message is to “develop clairaudience through birdsong.” As I studied my drawing, I began to see birds. I found about a dozen birds throughout the drawing. I have also been more open to my skills of clairaudience. It was amazing to be able to match the drawing to the message. When I take the time to study my drawing I always find just one more little bird that I didn’t see before. I wish that everyone could have this experience.”

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